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Neighbors @Work





In 2011 neighbors from Oglesby, Crandon and Brennan decided to become the solution to an ongoing problem; the lack of information being shared about what was happening in the neighborhood and in the City.


November 8, 2011 would be the beginning of a four year journey to provide a platform for residents of Jeffery Merrionette Manor to share, be informed and take action on issues impacting their community.



The first meeting was held on December 8, 2011 at the Jeffery Manor Branch Chicago Public Library.  This was an unofficial “community meeting” to poll the neighbors about what mattered most – crime, education and residential resources.  As a collective force they took action and brought back to the community the results of the poll. From this, the Oglesby, Crandon, Brennan Block Club was formed.

From OCB to TMCA

Advocating for the Community


Soon the three block clubs grew into eight (9500-9900, Bensley to VanVlissengen) and the name of the organization became

The Manor Community Association (TMCA). The group is comprised of blocks that have their own individual block club and still participate in TMCA in order to meet the needs of the entire community. 


TMCA’s membership continues to grow and to be an advocate for the community.  Meetings are held every 2nd Saturday of the month sharing events and activities; also addressing issues and concerns that continue to impact the neighborhood.  We focus on building relationships with  local businesses, community-based organization, faith-based organizations, municipal public officials and our neighbors.

We're Growing

South Deering Community Association continues the work of TMCA, widening its reach. After 7 years of serves, the board agrees that those underrepresented blocks deserve to receive the support and education in community organization that this body has shared. Every block coming together for good contributes to mission of what TMCA started. It is a grander scale, with much more work to do. South Deering Manor Community Association is committed to that work: quality education, community civic engagement, housing & beautification, economic development, and public safety. 

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